Present a session at Expo

Music & Drama Education Expo | Manchester opened it's call for papers at the start of May, welcoming all to submit sessions that will inspire visitors. If you have a session idea you'd like to submit, be sure to enter the call for papers before it closes on 20 May.

The official call for papers for Music & Drama Education Expo | Manchester 2019 is open! Your entries play a big part in making the Expo special. Having relatable, relevant and inspiring sessions at the event is exactly what every visitor needs, and that’s why we need your help.

The inspiration we receive can last a lifetime. Teaching music or drama can give you a genuine satisfaction that's hard to find anywhere else. Similarly, sharing your ideas with hundreds of other visitors at Music & Drama Education Expo betters your teaching skills and helps those around you. In truth, your peers need that spark of inspiration just as much as your students do. That's why submitting your session idea is a special opportunity to help inspire those around you.

We’d love to hear the fantastic ideas that you have, whether it’s music or drama based. We welcome practical sessions, best practice approaches, new research findings, heated panel debates and tales of inspiration that will get our visitors fired-up and armed with plenty of fantastic new ideas.

Submissions covering the folllowing topics will be considered most highly:
  • Technology
  • Rock & pop
  • World music
  • Curriculum & exams
  • Policy & funding
  • Career development
  • Business & marketing
  • Current educational trends, approaches and new research
  • Mind & body
  • SEND & inclusion

The deadline for submissions is 20 May 2019.

If you have any queries, please contact Sarah Lambie at for drama related submissions, and Cameron Bray at for music related submissions.

Click here to read the guidelines and find out a bit more about the submission process.