Panel Discussion: Inclusive approaches to instrumental music teaching

13:30 - 14:15

Recent research led by Creative United, in partnership with leading access to music organisations (The OHMI Trust, Drake Music, Youth Music and Open Up Music), found that a major barrier to participation is the lack of knowledge among both parents and educationalists about adapted instruments and assistive equipment and technologies.  

Virtually all standard musical instruments require two highly-dexterous hands to play and hold them, and so without the right enabling equipment and/or adaptations many children are being unnecessarily excluded.

This session takes the form of a panel discussion, featuring a range of musicians and educators who will examine the role of adaptive musical instruments and playing methodologies in inclusive accessible music learning in the classroom and beyond:

  • Mary-Alice Stack: Chief executive of Creative United, chairing
  • Tom Doughty: disabled musician, lap slide guitarist
  • Rachel Wolffson: General manager of The OHMI Trust
  • Plus two teachers from Nottingham who are working with Creative United and The OHMI Trust to increase accessibility 
Learning Objectives
  • Understand the range of reasons why a player might require an adaptive instrument or playing technique
  • Understand some of the ways in which instruments and/or playing techniques can be adapted
  • Know where to source adaptive instruments for players who need them
  • See the benefits of including adaptive instruments and techniques in Whole Class Ensemble Tuition, and feel more confident about managing this in practice
  • See the longterm potential and understand the case for an inclusive approach to First Access.
Suitable for Key Stages 1 to 5.

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Mary-Alice Stack, Chief Executive, Creative United

Rachel Wolffsohn, General Manager, The OHMI Trust

Tom Doughty, Lap slide guitarist, Creative United

Ian Burton, Chief Executive, Nottingham Music Hub

Helen Murray, Team Leader, Nottingham Music Service

Faye Oakland, Team Leader for First Access, Nottingham Music Service