From intelligent practice to powerful performance: Demonstrating the Alexander technique at work

11:15 - 12:00

A talk on how 'embodied awareness' can help your practice to be efficient and poised, leading to calm, confident and coordinated performance. Delegates will look at the practical ideas of balance, poise and ease for performers, with a lively illustrated presentation.

This session will address how using the Alexander technique in music and drama education can facilitate and bridge the gap between wellbeing and learning. Participants will play some games, look at some useful anatomy information, and be inspired by some great performances.

Learning Objectives

  • Take away some accessible useful principles and ideas for all performers
  • Learn some fundamentally useful practical anatomy
  • Be able to notice a sense of what it is to connect with an embodied ease and freedom
  • Have fun with some practical games and watch some interesting video clips of great poise and freedom in performance.
Suitable for all Key Stages

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Judith Kleinman, Author, Alexander in Education