Free from performance anxiety: Performance with confidence and emotional resilience

12:30 - 13:15

This year’s Expo is taking place on World Mental Health Day, and this session has been commissioned in response to that.

The wellbeing of artists is receiving increasing attention in the media and in the academic literature, with research pointing to a strong need to improve health education among musicians. This session will provide practical advice for those who teach – or perform – music or drama so that performance anxiety and self-doubt can be overcome by understanding the mind.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand why many of the standard ‘tools’ for performance anxiety don’t always work
  • Understand the true root causes of music performance anxiety
  • Know what is meant by the Inside-Out paradigm
  • Have an experience of why the Inside-Out paradigm is so impactful
  • Apply what has been learnt and tailor it to their own teaching/performance situations.
Suitable for Key Stages 3 to 5.

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Nick Bottini, Author and Musician Coach, Just Play: The Simple Truth Behind Musical Excellence