Engaging composition starters and plenaries for the KS4 and 5 classroom

14:30 - 15:15

How do you get a composition lesson off to a flying start? Engaging students right at the start of the lesson is key to delivering an inspiring composition lesson where ideas are flowing and students are involved in the creative process. What’s the best way to round-off a composition lesson? Have students understood the concepts covered? This session will take you through engaging activities to get your students fired up for composing.

Learning Objectives

  • Deliver simple and imaginative starter activities to engage and inspire students
  • Lead a composition-based peer assessment exercise
  • Develop basic music ‘rules’ to help students structure their creativity
  • Instruct students in the use of a simple tracking sheet process to help organise their composition activities
  • Gain confidence in getting students to work and discover composition together
  • Help students generate complex rhythms using abstract concepts
  • Combine composition and aural skills in a deliberate way
  • Encourage students to develop and express informed opinions about different musical styles
  • Explore the effect of using melodic intervals in creating a particular mood/atmosphere
  • Lead a critical analysis of good and bad melodies through an engaging starter/plenary activity.
Suitable for Key Stages 4 to 5.

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Rachel Shapey, Founder and Director, I Can Compose