Drama: A most effective link

10:10 - 10:55

This session will present the extensive reach of drama into other subjects, focusing primarily on languages. Teachers do not need to be performance specialists to use drama techniques, likewise, they do not need to be fluent in a foreign language to adapt keywords and sentences. Playing games is an important aspect of learning and can be the perfect link between theory and practice. For many students this can be the start of a journey leading to a new language, discovering a new culture and new confidence.

Through a number of practical activities, participants will develop ways of improving their students' speaking, writing, listening and reading skills.
Aimed primarily at Early Years and Primary students, the activities are adaptable to KS3 and KS4. 

Learning Objectives

Delegates will be able to:

  • Adopt new drama techniques in teaching
  • Access languages with confidence
  • Explore different ways of improving students' social, emotional and physical skills
  • Understand different ways technology can enhance students learning.

Suitable for Key Stages 1-4.

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David Bedward, Founder, TranslAction