Do we need to decolonise our music lessons?

11:10 - 11:55

Race is one of the most polarising topics in our society, but has music education successfully avoided the issue?

This session will explore what decolonising music lessons mean, and seek to unpack how music educators can enhance their pupils’ learning experience using the framework of critical race theory.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the differences between inclusion, diversity and decolonisation
  • Identify the problems with the terms 'Africa and African Drumming' and associated imagery
  • Understand the framework of Critical Race Theory (CRT)
  • Understand how the context of composers and their music shapes our perceptions
  • Understand the impact of visual aids in the classroom\
  • Learn the names of a few composers/artists from different genres and regions

Suitable for Key Stages 3 to 4.

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Nathan Holder, Musician and Author, I Wish I Didn't Quit