Reducing barriers to music for deaf children and young people

10:15 - 11:00

An engaging, informative, practice sharing seminar, on the topic of meaningful music-making with deaf children and young people.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the challenges faced by deaf young people when trying to access or engage with music
  • Understand the benefits music can bring to a deaf young person
  • Have a better understanding of what it is like for a deaf young person to experience music
  • Have a basic understanding of how to approach teaching a deaf young person, as a hearing musician
  • Understand successes and challenges faced by organisations wishing to carry out similar projects
  • Take part in and experience a musical activity suitable for a deaf young person

Suitable for all Key Stages.

Lottie Brook, Learning and Participation Manager, National Centre for Early Music

Dr Jennifer Cohen, Project Manager, The National Centre for Early Music