Raising the profile of your Drama department

10:00 - 10:45

This session will be a presentation and discussion between Annabel Thomas and Holly Barradell, with one of Holly’s students also in attendance to talk about how transformations to his own Drama department have enabled him to flourish. The session will explore what makes a successful Drama department, how you can build a thriving drama culture if you’re a small department, or even a department of one, and how you can convince colleagues, parents and students about the value of your subject.

It will share how a range of schools have grown their departments into flourishing, successful hearts of their school community and the benefit that this brings to a school.

It will explore how to get students involved in leading drama activities to increase their sense of ownership of the subject, and how to advocate to parents about the value and role of drama for a wide range of career options – as well as why it’s a great subject to study in its own right.

It will share some other partnerships you might want to consider, and how to make links with local and national providers to further boost your profile.

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand how other drama departments have grown their offer
  • Implement key hints and tips for growing their own department and raising the profile in school
  • Implement strategies to get the whole school involved in drama – from parents to students, to colleagues
  • Take inspiration from teachers and students back to school to inform their practice
  • Deliver a whole-school programme for drama, even if operating as a department of one

Suitable for Key Stages 2 - 5.

Annabel Thomas, Arts Development Manager , Trinity College London

Holly Barradell, Head of Expressive Arts, Skinners' Kent Academy