Coaching and mentoring techniques for instrumental/vocal teachers

15:45 - 16:30

Using Executive Coaching’s OSCAR model, this demonstration lesson explores client-led discovery of solutions through critical self-reflection.

Learning Objectives: 

  • Acquire an understanding of the OSCAR* structure and how that might be applied in any teaching situation
  • Experience a teaching style that draws upon a range of coaching principles, (one of which is that the work is shared within a partnership of equals, another is that responsibility for action rests with the student/client and that the client owns the agenda)
  • Experience the student/client discovering new insights about themselves and the work they are engaged in
  • Experience the heightened sense of energy and motivation that comes from using these principles and this framework

Suitable for all Key Stages.

Neyire Ashworth, Coach and Professor , Junior Guildhall School

Jane Booth, Guildhall Coaching & Mentoring Lead and Artist Fellow, Guildhall School

Jane Cook, Senior Associate and Specialist Adviser, Guildhall School