The holistic primary piano teacher

11:00 - 11:45

“We must all forget those old, ridiculous rules” (attributed to Peter Feuchtwanger in The Piano Shop on the Left Bank, T. E. Carhart, Vintage, 2001, p. 187)

When teaching piano pieces at primary level, what is your starting-point? What are your priorities? Do you embrace a truly holistic approach to technique? This seminar is a chance to wave goodbye to any lingering outdated, unergonomic ‘rules’ that may even impact our teaching subconsciously.

Learn fresh strategies for integrating meaningful, joyful learning with healthy, expressive coordination, every step of the way. As a creative, inspiring teacher, ensure that you preserve and perfect the flowing, expressive coordination of those most ‘gifted’ and cultivate the same in those that struggle.

This seminar will explore the goldmine that is a Grade 1 piano piece from fresh, holistic perspectives.  

In this session, delegates will learn fresh strategies for:

  •  Preserving, cultivating and maintaining healthy, expressive coordination at every stage
  •  Ensuring that students know and love the musical sounds of their pieces in detail
  •  Helping students to embody relevant theory, joyfully and meaningfully
  •  Avoiding technical difficulty and processing blocks in post-Grade 1 repertoire

Suitable for Key Stages 1-3.

Stephen Marquiss, Pianist, Speaker, Tutor, Piano Portals