How to help your students get into drama school

14:45 - 15:30

What to say and do to encourage, support and inform your students about the exacting process of a drama school application, preparation, interview and audition.

At many colleges, universities and schools, there is little information for students regarding drama schools, how to apply, when to apply, how to prepare and work towards the big day. Most people don’t get how stiff the competition is. No matter how talented you are and no matter how much potential you possess, if you are not organised and fully prepared, the chances are you will fail – because so many others are fighting even harder than you. So it’s fierce in audition-land. You have to fight and fight hard and then fight some more against people who are just as hungry as – possibly hungrier than – you. So if you are going to spend lots of time, money, energy and even hope on such a venture, you have to be organised.

By the end of this session, delegates will be able to:

  • Provide information and support their students as to the drama school application process
  • Tell them where and how to research what each school does
  • Help them to write a mature, pithy and knowledgeable Personal Statement that doesn't gush but identifies why they want to act and why they need to train at a drama school
  • Encourage students to work positively, stress-free, to experiment and not to be overwhelmed on the day, having provided them with a positive, creative outlook and journey
  • Know how the students should ‘be’ on-the-day and how to wait, focused and without wasting energy on wondering and comparing
  • Help students to do a great interview and have a proper conversation, without talking nonsense, being themselves despite nerves and anxiety

In this session, Andy will discuss with delegates what can be done to support students in having the best possible chance of gaining a place.

Suitable for Key Stage 5.

Andy Johnson, Actor, Writer, Director and Drama Teacher, The Excellent Audition Guide