Devising physical theatre with practitioner inspiration

13:30 - 14:15

A brief introduction to physical theatre techniques inspired by Brecht, Artaud, Grotowski, Frantic Assembly, Complicite, DV8, Derevo and Jacques Lecoq.

By the end of this session, delegates will:

  • Have learned new devising techniques
  • Have an awareness of their own body-language and non-verbal communication
  • Have a greater understanding of the creative process
  • Be confident in using techniques with students to play and perform

When devising physical theatre you can either start with a concept (an idea, theme, character or story) and create movement to make that work, or you can create movement and discover themes, characters and stories within it. Both are valid and this session will focus on the latter – exploring techniques to create engaging characters and stories through movement and interaction, followed by a brief Q&A. It will be a practical session, improvising, playing and creating moments of theatre.

Suitable for Key Stages 3 - 5.

Adam Milford, Stage Actor, Director, Educator, Theatre Workout Ltd