Performance Stage

Music & Drama Education Expo | London 2021

Every year, you can enjoy a series of fascinating interviews with professionals in the creative industry. In previous years, attendees have heard from leading names such as Lang Lang, Bill Bailey, Al Murray and more.

The full Performance Stage line-up including our Fireside chats for 2021 will be released shortly.


24 September

25 September

09:00 - Fanfare: The Royal Marines Band Service

Welcoming you into the show with an opening performance out the front of the building, The Royal Marines Band Service is an organisation commonly associated with tradition but are also continuously exploring new concepts in music, production and music education. As one of the world’s most versatile military music organisation and public face of the Naval Service our musicians combine military duties with a professional music career.
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10:00 - Performance from Music Makers Lab

A performance from Music Education Islington’s Music Makers Lab. A set of different pieces are created and refined each time Music Makers Lab meets. For the Music & Drama Education Expo, the collective will present their musical response to the young people’s individual experiences of highs and lows, of desperation and elation, and the meaning of being part of a team.

11:15 Bollywood Boogie

A 15 minute interactive session suitable for all educators alike. This session will increase blood flow to your brain, increase serotonin levels, stimulate brain regions via crossing the sagittal plane and support inclusivity through shared music and movement participation.

The session is replicable and can be taken straight back into your class room.

11:45 – Fireside Chat with Sophie Shaw

Join D&T editor Sarah Lambie in conversation with Sophie Shaw, Associate Director at Frantic Assembly, for insight into devising techniques and learning opportunities, and the chance to ask questions from the floor.

13:00 - NYJO and presentation of the Will Michael Jazz Education Awards

A performance from members of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO), plus the presentation of the Will Michael Jazz Education Award 2021, this year celebrating innovative ways in which Hubs & Music Services have used jazz to engage young people during the pandemic.

13:00 - An introduction to Indian Takeaway: Rāg and Tāl Basics, from the ISM Trust

Enhance your knowledge of North Indian classical percussion music as Yogesh Dattani performs on the tabla, demonstrates how to speak the word-rhythms of a traditional tabla composition in a 16-beat time cycle dating back over 200 years, and introduces you to the Rāg and Tāl resource. Suitable for all music educators alike.

ISM Trust

The ISM Trust, the Incorporated Society of Musicians’ (ISM) sister charity, works to ensure that all music professionals in the UK can reach their full potential. They are dedicated to creating pioneering resources to support those who work in music; educators, performers, creatives and composers. The ISM Trust seeks to challenge, educate and inspire through webinars, seminars, events, printed and digital resources, and advice packs, created by experts in their respective fields, and works in partnership with like-minded organisations to safeguard the future of the music sector.

Indian Takeaway: Rāg and Tāl Basics

This innovative, award-nominated online resource, brought to you by the ISM Trust and Indian music expert Yogesh Dattani, enables you to take away lesson plans and successfully play or teach a piece of Indian classical music on any instrument. The lessons explore the basics of the melodic (rāg) and rhythmic (tāl) structures of North Indian classical music: sargam, as you gradually learn to play a short composition, Sargam Gīt.

14:15 - Junior Guidhall: Sofia and Emma

A piano recital from two of Junior Guidhall's promising young musicians. Sure to inspire and delight.

15:45 – Fireside chat with Tasmin Little

Join MT's editor Harriet Clifford in conversation with Tasmin Little OBE as they discuss the internationally-renowned violinist's career and her more recent dive into music education.

15:00 - Fireside Chat with YolanDa Brown 

Join MT's editor Harriet Clifford in conversation with YolanDa Brown as they discuss the remarkable work she's been doing to promote children's musical engagement.