Launching in May 2021 - 'Mindful Tune-ups' is a game changing music and mindfulness web app.

18 August 2021

Already being used in over 70 schools and described by Music Teacher Magazine as ‘a beautifully presented resource which is also very simple to use.’

It's imaginable that quotes like, 'Mindful Tune-ups, I am sure, will become a ‘go to’ meditation resource in many classrooms in the future’ from the recent review are enough to make you visit them at stand A30. In fact their offer of a free CPD for your school by simply registering your interest should be enough alone, however there is more…

An exciting trio of compositions to celebrate the Expo!
Working with Composer Arlo Anwin, Mindful Tune-ups is releasing three new immersive soundscapes to celebrate the Music and Drama Education Expo. The compositions have been specially created to help students develop their inquisitive listening skills and help them bring calm and creativity to the classroom.

Arlo Anwin said, ‘These compositions blend some more classic ideas using synthesis and samples with more ‘found sounds’ and ASMR based ideas. Basically it's like chocolate cake, but just for your ears.’