Fireside Chats

Music & Drama Education Expo | London 2020

Every year we host a series of fascinating interviews with professionals in the creative industry. In previous years, we've hosted names such as Lang Lang, Billy Bailey, Al Murray and more. Take a look at this years line-up of Fireside Chats taking place at our upcoming London 2020 show.

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4th March

5th March

11:15 am – Gareth Malone

Hear Gareth being interviewed about singing and music education and take an opportunity to ask questions from the floor.

11:00 am – Jaz Karis

Brit School alumna and growing star Jaz Karis chats to Chris Walters, Editor of Music Teacher, about getting into the music industry, education and creativity.

3:00 pm – Helen Barratt

Helen talks to Sarah Lambie, editor of Drama & Theatre, about training and careers in Stage Management and how you can introduce your students to this essential role in the theatre industry while they’re still at school.

3:00 pm - Gethin Anthony

Editor and Head of Content Sarah Lambie meets Game of Thrones star Gethin Anthony to talk about his own drama education, and to answer a few of your questions.