A Company with Core Operations Centered on Sound and Music, Yamaha Develops Its Unique Technologies and Provides Them to the World! Through its history that spans more than 120 years, Yamaha has constantly interacted with artists and music lovers throughout the world and been committed to providing better products and services. Since the 1970s, Yamaha has been a leader in the musical instruments and acoustics industry through its development and application of digital technologies, while working on applications for communications technologies in “sound and music.” Unique technologies that combine acoustic and digital elements, as represented by the SILENT™ series of musical instruments, have also contributed to finding musical instruments a new place in modern society. Yamaha has been offering cutting-edge technologies and solutions that are compatible with mobile phones and the Internet since the 1990s. While covering the vast area of two worlds—that of traditional musical instruments that have evolved over long periods of 100 to 200 years and that of the rapidly changing digital world—Yamaha develops technologies and regards their worldwide provision as the mission that drives its R&D efforts. Sharing Passion & Performance.


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